Restructuring Advisors

A Lender or Creditor

The foundation of a performing loan to a long-standing client is starting to waver. A thriving private equity firm which your bank has been lending to since the rapid growth of the industry is starting to feel pressure from portfolio companies affected by the revenue stagnation A privately held company, who heretofore has been an excellent long term credit client and generated good income at a low level of risk, now faces assaults on both fronts due to intense competition from abroad. As the relationship manager or the workout person, your role is to ensure that maximum protection is provided for the value of the loan.

As a restructuring/turnaround firm that works with lenders every day, Restructuring Advisors thrives in the high intensity, crisis environments that face distressed and underperforming organizations. Our firm provides operational and financial solutions unique to individual situations, ranging from traditional business issues to highly complex operational or financial restructuring as well as complicated legal proceedings.

Once engaged by lenders or the end user client, our teams aggressively attack the business issues to find a path forward to relieve stress and begin the recovery process. Communication to all stakeholders is straight forward, rapid, and frequent and is viewed as essential to achieving expectations. The Restructuring Advisors team brings confident experience to solve cash flow problems, covenant defaults, legal difficulties, insolvency, labor and customer issues, dysfunctional management, sales development, or strategic misalignment. Our objective is to help secured lenders through execution and implementation of carefully tested, pragmatic solutions.

Today lenders are faced with enormous amounts of complexity resulting from capital structures in times of free flowing liquidity. Restructuring and turnarounds in this environment requires extraordinary operational, financial and analytical skills coupled with in-depth knowledge and understanding of how business enterprises operate.