Restructuring Advisors

A Private Equity Investor:

With over 75 percent of the private equity firms in the United States affirming that a focus on operational challenges is paramount in today’s markets, you face operational challenges with some of your portfolio companies unlike any that were projected in the original pro-forma. It is unclear whether weak portfolio performance is due to challenging markets, weak management, or strategic challenges that are not easy to understand. The partnership remains committed to growth through acquisition, in part as a means for growth and in part to rectify challenges with existing portfolio companies.

Regardless of the point of the business cycle in which your portfolio companies are operating, Restructuring Advisors mission is to maximize enterprise value by restoring confidence and implementing carefully tested, pragmatic solutions that allow organizations to work at optimized levels with sustainable and predictable financial results.

Restructuring Advisors strategy is centered on increasing the value of our client’s business. We accomplish this by challenging organizations to achieve what they want instead of settling for what they have. If your organization has stalled in reaching its potential we will help you identify and remove obstacles, provide business specific improvement plans and drive results that create.

As advisors to privately held companies, we are able to offer a unique, independent perspective on the challenges that your portfolio companies face. This is a perspective that is not a luxury but a requirement in these challenging economic times.