Restructuring Advisors

Kali B. Mistry

Kali picKali B. Mistry has more than 35 years of industry and consulting experience in executive leadership, plant management, supply chain optimization, performance improvement, and strategy alignment and deployment in the automotive, aerospace, biotech, defense, manufacturing, and distribution industries. Mr. Mistry has significant experience within the public sector, specifically, in the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense.

Positions Held:

  • Managing Director, Client Care and Quality Control – Restructuring Advisors, LLC
  • VP & Area General Manager – MainStream GS, LLC
  • Director Operations Management – ProGuide Management Resources
  • Manager, Operations Excellence – Eaton Corporation
  • Cost & Supplier Development Project Mgr., BTR Automotive

Mr. Mistry has extensive international experience through residing and leading diverse teams in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, France, India, Japan, and Canada. Mr. Mistry is highly proficient in mitigating cultural and operational differences to align executives across geography, hierarchy, and functions.

He has been a mentor and coach to all levels of senior executives, middle management, and shop-floor teams on change initiatives, organization mobilization, and organization realignment.

While serving as Vice President & Area General Manager at MainStream GS, Mr. Mistry was the senior business leader for clients and business partners in targeted markets including the Western Region and Pacific Rim. His responsibilities included developing key relationships with senior client and business partner personnel (including unions), and evaluating the needs of various operating units.

Prior to joining MainStream, Mr. Mistry was Director, Operations Management at ProGuide Management Resources. He was responsible for the implementation of Lean / CPI practices, utilizing methodologies based upon the Toyota Production System. While at ProGuide, Mr. Mistry served as an independent consultant to blood banks in USA and Canada, biotech, and medical clients transforming these organizations into best in class units. Mr. Mistry and his team delivered numerous significant bottom line improvement results directly reducing high overhead costs in multiple projects, within the three years through employment of sound waste elimination and Strategy Deployment techniques.

As Manager of Operations Excellence at Eaton Corporation, Mr. Mistry provided leadership to international cross-functional teams worldwide in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, PRO-launch, and Cost Out Group efforts.

His responsibilities included scheduling of internal consultants, coordination of projects with senior leadership, training, and certification of team members. In addition, he was responsible for global balance scorecard management.

As Cost Improvement and Supplier Development Project Manager at BTR Automotive, Mr. Mistry formed and trained the North American corporate teams in acquisition techniques based on principals of Toyota production systems. The group was deployed in seven North American plants.

Mr. Mistry received his Bachelors of Science and Management Studies degrees from National College of Polymer Science and Technology in London UK.