Restructuring Advisors


  • Financial restructuring is the reorganizing of a business’ assets and liabilities. While companies restructure for a variety of reasons, in most cases it is done when the business is either stressed or distressed and to avoid bankruptcy or liquidation.
  • Operational restructuring can be a very important factor in a company’s survival. Operational restructuring drives changes to reduce costs, eliminate waste and improve efficiencies. The combined impact will quickly improve cash flow and the organization’s bottom line.
  • Interim management is the temporary delivery of management resources and skills. Interim management can be seen as a short-term assignment from an experienced executive to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization.
  • Corporate Dispositions take place for a variety of reasons. Two of the more common processes include; Chapter 11 is a form of bankruptcy that involves a reorganization of a debtor’s business affairs and assets. It is generally filed by corporations which require time to restructure their debts. Liquidation is when a business ceases operations and its assets are sold with the proceeds used to pay creditors and/or distributed to shareholders.
Financial and Operational Restructuring

Financial and operational restructuring are the core of our business at Restructuring Advisors. Our team has served in turnaround, crisis and interim management positions to guide companies as they work through erratic times. Our practice includes both in and out of court expertise. Our specialists normally serve with “C” level responsibilities and generally are engaged by and report to the Board of Directors. We take a hands-on approach and accept accountability for each stage of the process, but work in a cooperative manner building agreement around proven strategies that counteract the effects of the problem. The experienced team at Restructuring Advisors has a rich history of operational improvement and financial restructuring that produces wide-ranging performance improvement with our lower to middle market clients.


Our process typically begins with a financial and/or operational assessment of the company. A comprehensive financial and operational assessment enables business stakeholders to fully understand the performance challenges an organization is facing. The assessment process provides the team at Restructuring Advisors with the specific company knowledge to build appropriate optimization plans and timelines to ensure for a successful implementation.

An assessment by Restructuring Advisors provide an impartial analysis of our clients’ critical business functions, such as:

  • Finance and cash management
  • Cash flow forecasts and budget
  • Business unit and/or product line P&L forecasts
  • Pricing analysis
  • Costing verification
  • Working capital forecasts
  • Capital expenditure review
  • Manufacturing /production operations
  • Inventory control
  • Supply Chain
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Revenue analysis
  • Energy Usage
  • Maintenance Costs and Efficiencies

Working with key managers within our clients business, we review and or create the critical planning tools with key performance indicators that enable business stakeholders to better understand their short-term challenges along with the recommended strategies and actions to best position the business for sustained success.

Financial and operational assessments provide specific knowledge and critical planning tools. They give functional managers, executives, and lenders optimization tools and critical information on liquidity concerns/forecasts, profit margins, return on equity and net income to gauge an organizations overall strength and capability.

When To Ask For Help

It’s staggering to think how many American companies are likely to become insolvent over the next decade. What makes it worse is that most will not seek the right help early enough, even though this could save a significant number. In many cases, businesses that end up in foreclosure, receivership or bankruptcy have not heeded early warning signs and sought the right assistance at the appropriate time.

Companies must be willing to admit they need help. The earlier a restructuring/turnaround firm is engaged the more options that are available to restructure the business. At Restructuring Advisors our seasoned veterans do not work with just businesses that are in trouble. Many of our clients sought our advice for general profit improvement long before significant problems developed.

Is it too late to turn things around? The good news is that if you put your hand up for the right sort of help it is possible to turn around many of the danger situations companies can find themselves in.

During the early stages of an engagement our work focuses around improving cash flow, stabilizing operations and communicating with key stakeholders to strengthen their support. We explore all strategic options while developing a comprehensive turnaround strategy.

If your organization is stressed, distressed, or if you believe that trouble might be just down the road, don’t hesitate to call us. We promise to be attentive to your situation and provide you with ideas that help you improve performance.