Restructuring Advisors

Crisis & Interim Management

A crisis within a company can generate serious troubles that include weak earnings, liquidity and cash flow deficits and a lack of support from stakeholders and lenders. Demoralized staff members can create damage to the reputation of an organization and a loss of loyalty from suppliers and customers. These factors and more can impact the performance of even the most enduring of companies. Time is not on your side. The sooner management, the Board of Directors, or the financial backers focus on the root causes of inconsistent performance the greater the range of favorable options for all parties.

Restructuring Advisors serves in turnaround, crisis and interim management positions to guide companies as they work through unstable periods of crisis or major change. Our seasoned professionals typically serve as CRO, CEO, CFO or COO and typically are retained by and report to the Board of Directors. We are involved in each stage of the process and work in a collaborative manner, building consensus around proven strategies to neutralize the effects of the crisis. Our hands-on approach combined with our track record of operational improvement and financial restructuring experience yields comprehensive performance improvement to middle market companies.

If your situation currently includes concerns about cash flow and financial obligations, falling short of market expectations, pressure from suppliers, or quiet concerns from customers on your ability to serve them as they require, Restructuring Advisors is the right partner to turn to. Our services include:

  • Problem identification and resolution strategies
  • Liquidity concerns
  • Debt restructuring
  • Disposition of non-core or under-performing assets
  • Operational restructuring
  • Cash management
  • Pricing Management