Restructuring Advisors

Pricing Management

Global competition, availability of capital, and economic uncertainty can put significant pressure on your organization to lower prices. Yet in today’s environment, pricing is one of your strongest determinants of profit. Only a handful of organizations truly develop pricing strategies that are planned to gain the highest revenue potential from their customers.

Challenges associated with pricing management often start with conflicting objectives. The sales team focuses on maximum sales dollars to meet quotas. Factories are looking for a consistent flow of orders that allow them to take full advantage of demand and throughput. Finance is looking to satisfy profit objectives through higher margins. Each objective is reasonable and realistic for the individual part of the organization, but the key is how to mesh these objectives in a manner that creates shareholder value.

Restructuring Advisors can help your organization achieve a sustainable advantage through well-developed pricing strategies and pricing management. Our approach combines our deep knowledge of operations and finance balanced with expertise in revenue enhancement and sales effectiveness. The results will allow you to:

  • Drive tangible benefits to the bottom line
  • Build collaborative objectives with functional activities in support of pricing strategies
  • Develop repeatable processes and procedures
  • Measure customer profitability by linking costs to serve with pricing levels

Contact Restructuring Advisors today and let us demonstrate how within a short time we can help you effectively manage pricing to enhance your bottom line today and in the future.