Restructuring Advisors

Selling Non-Core Assets

Restructuring Advisors employs a variety of strategies to maximize value as it relates to the sale of non-core assets or business lines. Our professionals bring a deal-oriented approach and business perspective which includes crisis & interim business advisory management experience. Our experience and knowledge allow us to maximize value and also to help restructure or rehabilitate a troubled company’s core business.

Our team works in or out of Court based on the specific circumstances of each client. When working outside of bankruptcy we generally utilize an auction style process mirroring that of a Section 363 sale. This process serves as the best way to divest of business lines or assets in an orderly manner at maximum value without all of the legal expenses associated with a bankruptcy filing. However, there are times when the need to protect the interests of all parties, a Chapter 11 Liquidation or Reorganization filing may serve as the most prudent approach.

Either way our team has consistently demonstrated the ability to facilitate and maximize stakeholder return. We have broad business experience and have working relationships within a large number of industry sectors and the investment community. These relationships permit us to produce positive results for both debtors and buyers.

The focus at Restructuring Advisors is to help our clients create value. Call us today. We will listen carefully to understand your unique situation and provide you with advice on how we can help.