Restructuring Advisors

Supply Chain Management

Many businesses are starting to implement multi operation/division supply chain organizations and are challenged on how to create and manage one effectively. The goal of the organization should be to act as a value chain and to provide positive contributions across business divisions, functional departments and sectors.

Companies typically include delivery, planning, and sourcing in their supply chain organizations, but somehow fail to include functional departments that may be higher-value added activities. In today’s global marketplace businesses need to include the customer management capabilities, product launch teams and those that supply post-sales support as key contributors in the supply chain family.

When properly assembled and sanctioned, a supply chain organization can carry out all of these functions and lead an organization in achieving satisfied customers, greater revenues and higher profits. When limited in scope, many companies shortchange the overall performance of their supply chain organization.

The team at Restructuring Advisors has the operational expertise and knowledge to help guide your company through the development and implementation of a value creating, multi division, supply chain organization. We can quickly help you model and analyze value chain scenarios customized to your specific set of circumstances.